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Tattoos features new skool tattoos and radial tattoos. We are also proud to present our original tattoo flash designs in the following popular styles:

angel tattoos | butterfly tattoos | celtic tattoos | unique cross tattoos | unique dolphin tattoos
fairy tattoos
| flower tattoos | heart tattoos | japanese tattoos | lower back tattoos
piscine tattoos
| religious tattoos | rose tattoos | skull tattoos | sun tattoos
tribal tattoos
| taurine tattoos | zodiac tattoos

New best girl tattoos the best tattoo designs for girls.

The word "tattoo" comes from the Tahitian word tatau. Captain James Cook introduced the word to English speakers in his account of tribal tattoo designs seen on natives. Common spellings are tatoos and tattos.

In the 1800s tattoos were particularly popular in England where sailors would get them as permanent souvenirs of their travels. In 1862 the Prince of Wales gave his imprimatur by getting a tattoo. In the US tattoos became popular after many in the NY City Racquet Club got inked. Tattoos used to be for ruffians, but now many women and celebrities sport sexy & cool tattoos to complement their piercings. Tattoos is often spelled as tatoos or tattos.

We have 20 galleries of tattoo flash pictures. We have cool unique designs that you'll find only on this website. Please feel free to put any of these images on your site, but a visible link back is required to All the flash can be used for temporary bodyart tatoos; for henna or permanent tattoos some of the designs are intended as ideas only for a tattoo; take the pics to your local tattoo parlor or shop but expect the artist will modify the image depending upon the size, where you want them (that is, neck, ankle, arm, write, foot, lower back) and your skin tone. If you use one of our designs, we'd enjoy getting an email and a photo of the result.

Recently & soon to be updated: Cross, skull and zodiac tattoos; dragon, dolphin and heart tattoos. Also see chinese tattoos

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