Best girl tattoos

girl tattoo flash design


 What are the best tattoo designs for girls? Bright colors, feminine themes, cute designs are a good place to star. The first example is a bright lotous blossom flower in purple with teal and green leaves. The second example is a butterfly. The girls they love the butterflies. The third one is a rose, also a favorite among women. This has well defined outline in black with some pink shading. The last example flash is a delicate bird perched on a limb.

alternative spellings for tattoos are tatoos and tattos

Girls tattoos are often located on the lower back, the hip, the foot or behind the ear. The arms and shoulders are more common locations for guys than for girls. Girls are more likely to get subtle designs, or color ink ones. Guys are more likely to get a larger design than are girls. Of course these are just generalizations, with many exceptions--get the tattoo that is best for you!