Cross tattoos

cross tattoo (tatoo) flash design


Here are four unique cross tattoo designs. Some will need modifcation to use; they are cool ideas for temporary tattoos; but if you have them inked by an artist, they'd either need to be very large, or simplified. Good for a wrist, arm or foot. We don't mind if you modify these images, but please let us know if you use them, and link to us if you have them on a website.

also spelled cross tatoos and cross tattos

There are all sorts of cross designs. Just some shown on the third image are: greek cross, latin cross, ankh, german cross, maltese cross. The cross is used as a religious symbol and as an astrological and mathematical sign. It's also used in alchemy, targets, computer cursors, lots of flags, as a medical sign for first aid.

The cross can mean burden, salvation, pain, power and addition.

Crosses often appear along with rose and thorn tattoos, a heart with the word "Mom" tatoos and angel tattoos.